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Ballroom Chat

Feb 9, 2022

Martina Kornett sit's down to talk about her background, going from ballet to ballroom to now doing counseling, advising and training through the International Dancing Minds. Martina explains her approach to a more holistic training, both in body and mind, including her "Expanse" program. She and Samantha discuss controlling the things you can control being more mindful in the moment, and knowing when it is time to ask for help with things feel too heavy.

Martina Kornett holds Master's Degrees in Sports Science and in Education Science. She is a former ballerina, trained at the German Opera House in Berlin, and a professional ballroom dancer that represented Germany and Australia in 10 dance. Martina currently serves as an advisor on the Mental Wellbeing Board to the World Dance Competitor's Commission, through her group, the International Dancing Minds. She is also an organizer of the Ice Ball Competition in London. 

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