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Ballroom Chat

Jul 15, 2020

In episode #13 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with competitor and instructor Anthony Chen about his preferred dance style: Lindy Hop.

We discuss the history of Lindy Hop, how the competitive experience of Lindy differs from typical ballroom dance events, his work with the non-profit organization Salt City Swing, and his thoughts on the future of the lindy hop dance style.

Anthony Chen is known for being playful, musical, creative, and clear on the dance floor and holds first place titles from events such as Lindyfest, Montreal Swing Riot, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and the International Lindy Hop Championships. He strives to build a healthy and positive swing dance community, and he founded the non-profit organization "Salt City Swing" in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he teaches not only the dance of Lindy Hop, but also the history of the dance and its ties to American Swing-era music.

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